Dr.  John Oakes taught a class, Jesus in the Old Testament: From Shadow to Reality in San Diego on six consecutive Saturdays beginning Feb 22, 2014.   Outline and suggested reading for the class are below.   Jesus in OT Notes      Jesus in OT PPT     The recordings of this class are available at the web site in the store.  Click on EFC Store button on the upper right of the front page of the site.  For now we will keep the second half of the class available.    Jesus in OT Audio #7     Jesus in OT audio # 8   Jesus in OT audio #9    Jesus in OT audio #10   Jesus in OT audio #11    Jesus in OT audio #12

The suggested book for the class is From Shadow to Reality by John Oakes, available at www.ipibooks.com (or it can be purchased at the class)

1.    Historical Foreshadows 

2. Prefigures of the Messiah

3.  The Earthly Tabernacle and the Heavenly Tabernacle      

4.   Priesthood in the Old and the New Testament 

5. The Law of Moses Prefigures the Law of Christ    

6. The Jewish Sacrifices Teach us About Sacrifice in the New Testament

7. The Hebrew Festivals Prefigure Specific Aspects of the Christian Life     

8. Prophecies  of the Messiah

9. Prophecies of the Kingdom of God


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