Dr. John Oakes, Robert Carrillo Pedro Figueroa and Mark Wilkinson taught an 8-week 16-hour introduction to the Old Testament on consecutive Saturdays Feb 25-April 14 at the Mission Center of Hope in San Diego, CA.  To view the notes, the power point:    Old Testament Survey Notes   Introduction OT PPT   Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel    Recordings are available in the EFC store.     Outline below.



  • Week 1. John Oakes and Robert Carrillo. Intro to the Old Testament.
  • Week 2. John Oakes Genesis.
  • Week 3. John Oakes Exodus-Deuteronomy.
  • Week 4. John Oakes History: Joshua-2 Samuel.
  • Week 5. Robert Carrillo History and Prophets: 2 Samuel-1 Kings and Prophets from the 8th and 7th centuries.
  • Week 6. Pedro Figueroa History and Prophets: 2 Kings, 6th and 5th century prophets.
  • Week 7. John Oakes and Mark Wilkinson: Post exile history and beginning of Wisdom Literature.
  • Week 8. Mark Wilkinson. Wisdom Literature and Psalms.
  • The cost for the entire class will be $20, mainly to cover light refreshments and coffee.


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