What one can say with absolute certainty is that there are fossils of
dinosaurs found scattered across every continent on the globe. Did
dinosaurs ever live? The obvious answer is that they certainly did live at
a time in the very distant past. The only conceivable alternative argument
is that God created the earth with an appearance of age with dinosaur
fossils already in the ground. Although this claim would be impossible to
disprove, very few would be willing to defend it.

Did dinosaurs and people ever live at the same time? The simple answer is
no! Some creationists have claimed to have found human and dinosaur
imprints in the same location, but these claims have not held up to
independent scrutiny. The fact is that the sediment layers in which
dinosaur fossils are found without exception do not contain fossils of
such modern animals as bison, antelope, rabbits, elephants, humans and the
like. Besides, in places where dinosaur and more modern fossils,
especially mammals, are both found, the more modern fossils are
universally found on top of the apparently older layers which include
dinosaur fossils.

How long ago did the dinosaurs live? Scientists would point to evidence
that dinosaurs lived in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, or
about 250-65 million years ago. Their evidence would include such methods
as uranium/thorium or potassium/argon nuclear decay dating. It is a good
idea to be somewhat skeptical of the exact ages quoted by scientists, but
unless evidence to the contrary can be presented, one can assume that the
dinosaurs lived a very, very long time ago!

Is the leviathan of the Bible (Job 3:8, Job 41:1, Psalms 74:14, Psalms
104:26, Isaiah 27:1) a dinosaur? Perhaps, but one should keep in mind that
the writing style of the Bible passages which mention leviathan are all
poetical. The description of leviathan is a bit hard to pin down. It would
be a good idea to leave it at that. Perhaps….

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