“Where are the dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? How would you answer this
question, and what scriptures convey the truth about the matter?”

The fact is, nowhere in the Bible are dinosaurs mentioned! Nor are
quasars, black holes, blue-green algae or DNA. The Bible is a book focused
on humans and our relationship with God. It does not focus on a million
interesting facts of science and history. God has taught us much through
history and through science, where ‘natural revelation’ speaks to all
persons with the ears, instruments, and patience to listen. No, the Bible
is given to us for a specific purpose. It is not filled with details that
unintelligible to hundreds of generations of readers!

Some persons mistakenly assume that the end of Job is speaking about some
sort of dinosaur. Yet the crocodile, here described poetically
(non-literally) as a fire-breathing monster, is not a dinosaur. No one I
have spoken to takes the passage 100% literally,in which case the creature
must have breathed fire! Others reason that if land creatures and humans
were both created on the sixth day,taking this day literally,then they
must have co-existed (a la Flintstones). Geologically this is highly
problematic. Offer still is that no humans in recorded history, including
biblical history, ever described their encounters with dinosaurs! I think
it is doubtful they lived at the same time, and provisionally I accept the
65-67 million year buffer between dinosaur and human existence, as the
biologists have been teaching. It is not essential, after all, to take the
six creation days as literal, and there are a number of reasons not to
construe it this way. (For more on this, see my book on Genesis and
science, The God Who Dared.)

Dino-fever may never abate. It was all the rage in the mid-1800s,
especially shortly after Darwin published his Origin. It was rampant when
I was a little boy, in the 1960s. My own children too succumbed to the
mystery and the infatuation. (Sounds like maybe you have, too!)

Douglas Jacoby, Ph.D. (www.douglasdjacoby.com)

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