Did God took rest on the seventh day of creation, if so then he can get
tired & weary. Also who does the work during the rest time? I want to know
the correct interpretation.


In answer to your question, God does not get tired, Isaiah 41:28 gives us
some insight into this, “Do you not Know? Have you not heard? The
Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not
become weary or tired (NASB).” When Genesis 2:2 says that God “rested,”
the Hebrew word it uses is Shabath, which also means “ceased” or to “come
to an end.” Basically, when the Bible says God rested it simpily means
that He ceased creating the earth, not that He rested because He was
tired. Finally, since God is Spirit (John 4:24) it would be odd for us to
imagine that He would get physically tired.

Hopefully this helps! Kedron Jones

More from John Oakes:

Let me add one point. I certainly agree with Kedron that God does not
need to rest from his “labor.” However, unlike God, we definitely do need
time to rest from our labor. Although Christians are not required, by
law, to observe a Sabbath, God commanded the Jews under the Mosaic Law to
observe a day of rest. Followers of Jesus are not required to observe a
strict Sabbath, but we would do well to learn from the Sabbath and take
time to “rest” with God. We should not be busy all the time?so busy that
we cannot give mental and emotional time to worshipping God. I am afraid
that I may be one of the worst offenders in this vein. I, too, need to
learn to take a Sabbath time with God. God used the analogy of the six
“days” of work, followed by days during which he was not working to
explain the idea of a Sabbath rest for his people. God used this as an
analogy to teach his people, but we should not take the analogy too
literally. God is obviously still working. He is working to sustain the
world and he is working in the lives of individual people, hearing and
answering prayers and so forth. The “rest” of God after the sixth day is,
in a sense, a relative rest. God?s active work of creation was in the six
metaphorical “days” of Genesis. God is no longer creating in the physical
sense of creating matter out of nothing or living things, but he is still
creating in the spiritual sense. He is creating faith in those who choose
to follow him.

John Oakes

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