Does God love people that don’t make it to heaven.


That is just about the easiest question I have ever gotten at the web site.  The answer is yes!  Look at Matthew 23:37-38.  Do I, as a parent, love my children, even if they to not obey me or respect me?  Obviously so.

Another passage will be helpful.  Romans 5:6-8.   When we were ungodly and unlovable, God loved us and gave his son for us.   God is love.  God is literally incapable of doing something that is not loveable.

However, God is also holy and he is just.  His holiness and his justice are why people will be in hell.  God does not choose anyone to go to hell.  However, for those who rebel against him, who sin and become unholy, his justice applies.  God loved Lot, so he saved him from Sodom, but he also loved those in Sodom.  God loves all of us equally, but this does not mean that all will be justified and will go to heaven.

John Oakes

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