How do we know the Bible, a collection of books and letters written of centuries, is the word of a deity?


Given the amazing evidence for the inspiration of the Bible, the fact that it is a collection of writings written over many centuries makes it even more impressive.  The Bible contains the writing of poets/musicians (Asaph, for example), kings (David, for example), Prophets (Isaiah for example), government officials (Nehemiah, for example), doctors (Luke), common peasants (John, for example), historians, farmers and many, many more, yet the message of the Bible is the same throughout.

Let me list a few reasons I am completely convinced that the Bible is inspired by a supernatural “deity.”

First, there are the dozens of prophecies which are found in the Old Testament which are fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.
The Claims, Prophecies and Miracles of Jesus 2012 ICEC UCLA Dr. John Oakes /


Second, there is the astounding historical accuracy of both the Old and the New Testaments.
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Then there is the scientific accuracy and wisdom in the Bible.    For this, I would refer you to my book Is There a God, available at

Also, there is the consistency of message across all of the writers of the Bible.  The central message, which is that God loves, us, we have become separated from him by our sin, and God is calling us back into a realtionship with him through repentance and faith in Jesus, is found in every book in the Bible.

Then, there is the fact that the Bible works.  It is the greatest book ever written on personal relationships, on family, on personal character and many more.

Then there is the powerful evidence for the miracles of Jesus and for his resurrection.   (material on this is in the first link above, also see )

The cumulative case for the Bible being supernaturally inspired is very strong.  I could list many other reasons for believing this.  I have two more books to recommend for you which will help you see additional reason to believe this.  These are “Reasons for Belief” and “From Shadow to Reality”  Both are available at   If you cannot afford a copy right now, let me know and I will try to make some of this material available to you as well.

I believe the only rational conclusion, given the evidence, is that the Bible is supernaturally inspired by God (or deity as you say it above.)

John Oakes

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