I just got back from a Bible camp I go to each summer. Every time I go I feel close to God and  I almost accept Jesus as my savior. Then I drift away as the year goes on. I would like to know how to accept him as my savior. I’m almost there I can feel it I just don’t get why I can’t accept him. I pray that God will break me and help me accept him as my savior but I don’t know what else to do!   Also,I would like to know what I could do, watch on tv, or listen to so I can keep my mind pure so it can be a temple worthy for a savior like Jesus.


What you need is a strong Christian fellowship you can commit yourself to in order to remain faithful.  Where do you live?   I can suggest a group in the area which a very strong fellowship of disciples of Jesus who will help you to have spirutual discipling in your life.  You need to have fellow Christians with whom you can have a strong spiritual relationship in order to stay faithful and to grow.

By the way, it appears that you have been taught some false doctrine about how one becomes a Christian.  It is common in  some evangelical churches to teach that you become a Christian by "accepting Jesus."  This is simply not true.  Acts 2:36-38 is the most basic model for how one becomes a saved person.  The pattern is that we must first believe that Jesus is saviour and Lord.  Then we must be cut to the heart, and repent of our sins.  This is a total turning of our mind away from sin and toward Jesus.  After a true, biblical repentance, then the Bible says we must be baptized into Jesus Christ.  Our conversion comes not by "accepting Jesus," but by being baptized into Christ.  You need to find a church which teaches this.  I can make a suggestion if you like.

In any case, I can understand your frustration.  It is hard to do in by ourselves.  We need help.   Having strong spiritual relationships in a church where this is a normal thing is very important.  You need to keep looking until you find such a church.  Again, I can help you if you are interested.

John Oakes

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