Question:,How do one defend to a postmodern generaton the fact that Christianity is the only means of salvation?,Answer:,First of all, I am sorry for being so slow about a response. We moved this month and besides I got caught up a bit in all the Christmas stuff.,This is a very good question. I am afraid I do not have a silver bullet answer to your question. I will suggest some very good material on the postmodern movement and Christianity by a good friend Dr. Douglas Jacoby. He has a class on the topic which is available as part of the proceedings of our apologetics conference from last June. This class, as well as all the classes from our apologetics conference are available at,I am guessing you are already well aware that for those who accept the postmodern world view, there is no absolute truth. “Truth” is a human creation. What is true for one culture or group is not true for another and there is no way to determine which is correct or even which is better. Truth is relative at best or non-existent. It is extremely difficult to use logical argument against such a world view because it is, at least in principle, impervious to the use of reason. To the postmodern, Jesus was a man who had an interesting story to tell, but that is about it. His “story” is not to be taken as the inspired Word of God, but as one of many stories. It is difficult to defeat such a point of view with facts or evidence.,Sorry to say, but I do not have a tried and true approach to logically convincing people that the postmodern view is wrong because the word “wrong” has no meaning in this world view. Nevertheless, let me suggest a way to get started. Bottom line, no matter what the post modernist says, they cannot take their view to its logical conclusion. If they are true, then there is no moral absolute. The Nazi story is as good as the Christian story, which is as good as the premodern animist story. No one can believe this. Science is not just a story. The success of science (which postmodernism is a reaction against, by the way) is evidence that there is truth to be found out there, at least in the physical world.,My first suggestion is to reveal the post modern world view for what it is. It is a view that there is no meaning, no purpose, no moral truth. My second suggestion is to confront the postmodern with the real person Jesus Christ. I believe a study in the claims of Jesus are appropriate. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.” Either Jesus is telling us the truth or he is crazy or a liar. A good source for studying the claims of Jesus is the book of John or the first chapter of my book, “Reasons for Belief.” (,My suggestion is that you familiarize yourself with postmodernism yourself. Be aware of the main authors and their point of view. If you do not know your “enemy” you will not be able to convince him or her or who Jesus Christ really is.,By the way, to good passages which your postmodern friend will have to deal with one way or another are John 12:47-49 John 14:6-7 and Acts 4:8-12. My suggestion is that you lay a little ground work before laying these passages out before a person trained in the postmodern way of thinking.,Another suggestion is to go to the power point section of the web site and find the power point presentation titled World View Apologetics: Ethical Answers in an Unethical World Perhaps this will be somewhat helpful.,John Oakes, PhD

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