I have a question: please answer me logically "If God is an all power God can he create a big mountain which he cannot carry"?


Some have tried to use this argument to prove that God is not omnipotent. This is really a rather silly argument. It is kind of like saying "God cannot do everything. For example, one of the things he cannot do is be able to not do everything." This is a vacuous argument.

Actually, there are a lot of things God cannot do. For example, he cannot do an unloving thing. He cannot act unjustly. He cannot lie. He cannot deny himself. God cannot do irrational things. One of the qualities of God is omnipotence, but that omnipotence needs to be defined. God is all-powerful in that he can do anything which is consistent with his nature. Not only can he move any mountain in the universe, but he made the universe. Saying that God cannot create a mountain that he cannot move is really saying nothing. It is speaking nonsense.

John Oakes

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