I was reading your questions and answers section and it got me thinking… Is there anyway of knowing why God would create the world and not create man until millions of years later? What would be the point? Just curious, and maybe that is something I will have to wait to ask God when I meet him at some point.


To God time is nothing. He exists outside of time and space and is not affected by these things. For us humans it is hard to rationalize why God world create the universe but only bring humans into existence several billion years later. What was God doing? How did he keep busy? The answer is that to God a thousand years is as and a day is as a thousand years. This is only a problem to those, like us, who are affected by time.

God chose to use “natural” laws to create galaxies, planets, life and the complexity of advanced life forms. This is what God did in his wisdom and I am not about to question God on this!

John Oakes




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