Why Did God create black holes?  It seems the universe works very ramdomly like creating planets from planets or comets exploding, supernovae explosions,etc…  I dont think an explosion is how God will work for creating the Earth.!


Obviously, I cannot speak for God on “why” he created one thing or another, but as a scientist I can speculate about why and who knows, I might even be right. If I understand cosmology correctly, the existence of black holes is an inevitable consequence of the laws of nature and the properties of the originally created universe. Once the big bang happened and given the density of the univere and the law of gravity, the creation of black holes was an inevitable result.

It just so happens that we are very lucky that black holes exist. It is super-massive black holes which are at the center of elliptical and spiral galaxies, which creates sufficient gravity for the galaxy to have its stable shape. This stable shape, with some regions having a relatively great density of stars and others having a lesser density, is required so that a life-supporting planet like ours would come into existence around a stable third-generation star of the correct size such as our sun. So, the gravity force constant which God created when he created the universe is precisely “tuned” so that stars and galaxies can exist. It is also of a correct size so that black holes can exist, but not dominate the universe. All this is in a wonderful balance so that life-sustaining planets, with plenty of heavy elements and plenty of water on a stable star, etc. can exist. God’s providence is in all these facts, including the fact that black holes exist.

The universe is definitely not random.  Or put it another way, it definitely does not seem random. As far as we know from scientific measurements, the universe operates according to unchanging laws, which inevitably create the conditions for life. Supernovae are absolutely essential to life. It is only in supernovae that heavy elements such as uranium, gold, silver, iodine and many others are created. If there were no supernovae, there would be no life. The radioactivity of uranium is essential to maintaining our atmosphere and recycling the earth’s crust. Uranium is only created in supernovae. Again, this does not seem random. It appears to be evidence of brilliant design.  There is little or nothing random about the design of the universe. 

Do “random” processes occur in the universe? Of course they do, but even the level of randomness is tuned in a beautiful way so that life can be exchanged. There is uncertainty inherent to quantum mechanics, and this uncertainty is a required property for things like hydrogen bonding and many other absolutely essential physical processes. By the way, just so you know, the beginning of the universe was not an explosion. It was a creation. An explosion involves already existent matter going through a massive reaction of some sort. The big bang was not an explosion.  It was a creation from nothing.

John Oakes

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