See below for information regarding a class August 27-28 sponsored by ARS, taught by Dr. Douglas Jacoby and Dr. John Oakes in San Diego, CA
Intro to Christian Apologetics: The Existence of God.  Friday Aug 27th and Saturday August 28th at the Mission Center of Hope in San Diego.  This is the seventh in our series of ten classes on Christian Apologetics.  Actually, this particular class, although coming seventh in the series, is the first class in the Christian Apologetics Certificate program we are putting together.  It is the introductory class to the entire series.  This is a very important and useful class!

The ten hour class will be taught principally by Dr. Douglas Jacoby.  I will be the secondary teacher for the class.  The details are as follows:
Friday Aug 27 5:30-9:30
Saturday Aug 28 8:30-4:00.
Dinner Friday evening will be provided.
Cost:  $40
Saturday only: $25
Friday only: $20
Location:  Mission Center of Hope 6162 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite A, San Diego
Tentative Course Outline:
I Christian Apologetics:  The purpose and goal.
II A Brief History of Christian Apologetics.
III Types of Christian Apologetics
IV  Atheist Arguments Against the Existence of God
V Why Atheism Fails
VI Classic Theistic Arguments
VII  More Evidence for the Existence of God
VIII  The Nature of God
IX Conclusion
Required Reading:  Douglas Jacoby Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House, 2010) 
Note:  Dr. Jacoby will also be speaking for the Pomerado Region of the San Diego Church of Christ on Sunday Aug. 29th.  You are invited!
Optional Reading (Extra credit for those taking the class for credit): 
1. Alister McGrath, Intellectuals Don’t Need God (Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 1993)  ISBN 0-310-59091-4
2. Gregory Koukl, Tactics (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009), ISBN 978-0-310-28292-1

For more information or to register, contact Jan Oakes at 858-505-8841 or

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