Hi John,

Excellent review of the debate. I think you summarized it all very well, and I particularly like your reflections on the “injustice” of God punishing the innocent Jesus for our sins. I thought about that a lot also, and we have to remember that Jesus volunteered to take the punishment for us. It is not merely God unjustly punishing some innocent bystander. If Jesus willingly did this, then God was not unfair. If anything, God showed that justice had to be preserved because for every crime there must be some penalty. Without wiping the penalty away, Jesus (and God) found a way to preserve justice and to save us.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Thank you so much for putting on another great conference! I really loved it and I learned a tremendous amount, especially about other religions. Somehow we should let more people know about these, as I think it would increase attendance in the future. This really deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.

Your brother,


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