Hello John,

I was so excited to hear about your visit.
I am sure that you had heard from Vangjel how grateful he is, but still, here is what he wrote…(please read the forwarded message)
p.s.: thank you again for all your effort and love.


Dear Petra!
I am so happy to share about Johns visit here, and let you know that it was a faith building time for the church here.
He came on Saturday, we had dinner together with him and 5 other brother from the church ( mainly bible talk leaders ). In that conversation we got to know John and the same for him. with his experience as a Christian and maturity he helped us ( young leaders ) in dealing with some very serious situations in the church. I wish we could have a brother like him in our fellowship here in Albania.

The next day ( Sunday ) we spoke from 10:00 until 1 pm about church history, than pain and suffering. It was a faith building time. 
Than in the afternoon we had the special event tittled "Science and Faith – Friend or Foes". Before that I forget to tell you that I had John for lunch in my house and he tasted some of the traditional Albanian food. We went home with my motorbike  ( was so funny to see me and him in that small bike )

At 6:00 pm we started the special event, it was a  joy to see  as much visitors as the number of the disciples coming. 

I can say that John was exhausted, yet on the other side could see a man of God who is willing to give himself for the church. 
Now we are following up with some of the visitors who are coming. 

On the top of all things I want to share that his visit change lots of hearts here in our church. 
To God be the glory.
In Him

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