Dr. John Oakes is on a missionary teaching trip to Nigeria, Togo, Republic of Congo and Zambia.  Notes, PPTs and audio will be posted.        Revelation-PPT   Revelation notes   Revelation Abuja audio 1  Revelation Abuja audio 2   Revelation Abuja audio 3    Revelation Abuja audio 4   Daniel PPT   Daniel notes    Daniel Abuja audio  Hebrews Living by Faith notes   Hebrews Living by Faith PPT    Living by Faith Audio  Freedom in Christ PPT   Freedom in Christ Audio   Acts Ch 20 sermon notes   Acts 20 Sermon Audio   Shadow to Reality Notes   FSTR PPT   FSTR Audio   Malachi Sermon PPT    Malachi sermon notes    Malachi Sermon Audio The following lessons are in English, translated into French  Acts 20 PPT French    Acts Church History PPT French   Acts Lesson French Audio  Hebrew PPT French   Hebrews French Audio 1    Hebrews French 2 Audio   Freedom in Christ French Audio    Daniel French PPT   Daniel French Audio       Revelation French Audio   (ppt above)   Reliability Bible French Audio  Reliability PPT    ExistenceGodFrench Audio   Existence PPT   HolySpiritFrench Audio   Holy Spirit PPT  ProblemPainSuffering French Audio   ProblemPainSuffering PPT   Daniel Pointe Noire Audio Back to English. This is a longer version of Acts and Church History Acts and Church History I audio  Acts and Church History II  Acts and Church History PPT

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