Dr. John Oakes taught on many topics for churches in Ukraine, Moldova and Russia June 14-July 3, 2016.  All audio are in both English and Russian.  Evidence for Jesus Kiev PPT   Evidence for Jesus Russian I  (note: part II will be posted later)  Evidence for Jesus Russian III   Ezekiel Russian I    Ezekiel Russian II  Ezekiel notes   Existence of God PPT Rus   Exist God Russian   Hebrews Russian Audio   Hebrews PPT   Daniel Russian Audio   Daniel Russ PPT   Matthew Russian I   Matthew Russian II  (note: about 35 minutes of the lesson on Matthew are lost f rom the recordings.  See the outline and power point)  Matthew PPT   Matthew Notes   Heb 11 Living by Faith Russian   HistoryArchaeologyandBibleRussian   histarchbibppt   ChristianWorldViewRuss  (sorry but this recording is missing 30 minutes of material)   Holy Spirit Russian   Holy Spirit Notes    Malachi PPT   Malachi Russian   Freedom in Christ Russian   How We Got Bible Russian  How We Got Bible PPT    God and Science Russian    Revelation PPT Russian  Revelation Russian II   Revelation Russian III  (note: the first 45 minutes are missing, but will be posted later).   Great Bible Study Russ  Freedom in Christ StPet   World View Moscow   World View PPT    Daniel PPT   Daniel Moscow     Church History Russian   Church History PPT   GodandScience Moscow

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