Dr. John Oakes is doing a missionary teaching trip to West Africa Feb 16-Mar 5, 2023.  He will be posting all or nearly all of his lessons, outlines and ppts here.  Great Bible Study Time Notes    Great Bible Study PPT   Great Bible Study Audio    Reliability of the Bible notes    Reliability of the Bible PPT      Science and God PPT    Apologetics and Islam Notes  Worldview PPT    Worldview Ghana Audio  The Christian and Other Worldveiws Notes    PROBLEM OF PAIN AND SUFFERING    Problem Pain Suffering PPT    Prob Pain Suff Audio    Daniel Notes    Daniel PPT    Daniel Ghana  Revelation PPT  Revelation notes   Revelation Ghana  Holy Spirit PPT  Holy Spirit Notes   The Holy Spirit Audio    Freedom in Christ PPT       Freedom in Christ Liberia  Reliability Notes  Reliability PPT   Reliability of Bible Liberia  Science and God PPT   God and Science Liberia Audio    Jesus Evidence PPT  Jesus Evidence Liberia Audio    Hebrews Notes   Hebrew s PPT   Hebrews I Liberia Audio  Hebrews II Liberia Audio    Shadow to Reality PPT     From Shadow to Reality Liberia Audio   Acts and Church History PPT    Acts and Church History Liberia Audio  Church History Notes   Church History PPT  The Rest are in both English and French:  L’Histoire de l’Eglise_PPT    Church History I Abidjan Audio    Church History II     Church History III     Church History IV    Church History V   Church History VI   Church History VII    Church History VIII    Hébreux Vivre par la Foi PPT  Hebrews Living by Faith Notes   Hebrews Living by Faith Audio    Les affirmations de Jesus PPT    Who is Jesus Daloa Audio    Daniel Daloa I Audio     Daniel Daloa II Audio    Daniel French PPT  Hébreux Vivre par la Foi PPT    Living by Faith Daloa Audio   Understanding Islam PPT  Answering Islam Fr Audio    Freedom in Christ French PPT  Freedom in Christ Dakar Audio  Shadow to Reality Notes kersfield   Shadow to Reality PPT  Shadow to Reality Audio Dakar I  Shadow to Reality audio Dakar II   Problem Pain Suff Notes   Problem Pain Suffering French PPT    Hard Questions Notes      Hard Questions French PPT

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