Dr. John Oakes is traveling for eleven days in the Caribbean, teaching for churches in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Lessons, including notes, PPT and audio will be made available here.  The first five audios are in English and Spanish. The rest are in French and English.

Worldview PPT    World View Notes  World View Spanish/English Audio    Cosmovision Cristian PPT

Reliability of the Bible PPT    Reliability of the Bible Notes    Reliability of Bible Spanish/English Audio    Fiabilidad PPT

Dios y la Siencia PPT      Science and God Santo Domingo Audio

Existence of God Notes    La Existencia de Dios PPT    Existence of God PPT    Existence of God Spanish Audio

Problema Dolor y Sufrimiento PPT    Problem of Pain and Suffering Notes    Prob Pain Suff Spanish Audio

Reliability PPT        Reliability of Bible French Audio

Church History PPT    Church History Notes    Church History Haiti Audio I    Church History Haiti Audio II

Christian and Other Worldviews Haiti PPT    Christian Worldview Haiti Audio

Problem Pain Suffering PPT    Prob Pain Suff Haiti Audio

Hebrews Notes     Hebrew FrenchPPT    Hebrews 1-6 Haiti Audio    Hebrews Living by Faith Haiti Audio

Acts Ch 20 sermon French     Acts 1:8 French PPT    Acts Ch 20 sermon notes    Acts 20 Paul’s Farewell Haiti Audio

Holy Spirit PPT    Holy Spirit Notes    Holy Spirit Haiti

Baptism-In Christ PPT    Baptism Notes    Baptism Class Haiti Audio

Shadow to Reality Notes    Shadow to Reality ppt      From Shadow to Reality Haiti Audio













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