Dr. John Oakes is delivered a number of lessons on a missionary teaching trip in South Asia Jan 5-22, 2017.  Attached are power points, notes and audio for these lessons.   From Shadow to Reality India Audio    Existence of God Audio    Reliability of the Bible Audio   Marriage Divorce and Remarriage Audio   Marriage and Divorce Notes   Acts and Church History Audio   Holy Spirit Audio  Holy Spirit Notes  Hebrews Living by Faith Audio   Freedom in Christ Audio   Evidence for Jesus Audio   History Archaeology and Bible  Revelation Audio  Revelation PPT   Revelation Notes  Evidence for Jesus Audio Mumbai   God and Science Audio Pune   Revelation Mumbai Audio   Evidence for Jesus Dhaka Audio   Evidence-for-Jesus-PPT   From Shadow to Reality Dhaka Audio   Church History Chennai 1   Church History Chennai 2   Church History Chennai 3   Church History notes  Luke Chennai Audio   Luke PPT   Luke Notes  James Sri Lanka I   James Sri Lanka II   James Sri Lanka III  James Notes

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