My friend has been struggling with his faith because he read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.  He also says that there is a lot of evidence of the multiverse and he is turning towards atheism/materialism.  Can you can answer his concerns?


I wrote a review of The God Delusion that will be helpful, I hope.  Here are the article and a power point.  God Delusion by Richard Dawkins: A Review    God Delusion ppt

On the second question, let me put it this way.  There is absolutely no evidence for a multiverse.  You should ask your friend what is this evidence?  What experiment was performed that supports the multiverse?  What observation?  This is an irrefutable hypothesis for which there is literally no evidence whatsoever.  So, whoever told him that there is a lot of evidence for the multiverse theory is either flat-out lying or, more likely, is not scientifically literate.  The multiverse “theory” would be better called the multiverse speculation, as there is no scientific reason to believe in any more than one universe.

Speaking for my self, I have no particular reason to be philosophically or religiously opposed to the idea of multiple universes. There is nothing in the Bible or about God that says he could not create more than one universe if he so chose, but I believe that this proposal is literally unscientific.  I also believe that the only reason people believe in this idea is that they are either talked into it without knowing the philosophical reason it is proposed, or they believe it because it seems to be an alternative to the facts of fine tuning of the universe, and its implication of a Creator of our universe.  Can we please move on from this unscientific theory?

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