Question:,Our preteens went to a Planetarium and asked ” What is the number of stars approximately?”,Answer,The answer is that there are approximately one hundred billion stars in an average galaxy and there are approximately one hundred billion galaxies in the universe, which means that there are 1.0×10^11 x 1.0×10^11 stars or 1 x 10^22 stars in the universe. That is a lot of stars! To get a feeling for this when you look up in the sky far from a city on a night without a moon out, you can see thousands of stars, but these are just those in our immediate vicinity in the Milky Way galaxy. If you look, you can see a luminous-looking “cloud” of milky light forming a band across the sky. This is the band of the Milky Way galaxy we are part of. If you look away from the Milky Way through a very high magnification telescope, you can see clouds of very dim lights, which are all galaxies containing about as many stars as our own Milky Way. The universe is absolutely immensely big.,John Oakes

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