I really want to know something about you: Do the colleagues that you work with as a professional scientist know you are a Christian? If so, what do they think? What advice can you give to Christians who want to enter the field of science? I really would appreciate anything you can give me. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


Yes, all my close colleagues at my school know that I am a committed Christian. Perhaps some who barely know me do not know, but all who know me well are aware. I have a colleague who is an atheist. When his students have questions (he teaches evolution) he sends them to me. I have had little if any negative feedback for being a Christian from my colleagues. Some students have complained. One tried to get the school to sue me for having religious material at my school web site. Others have written bad instructor reviews because I share that I am a believer in class, but that is the minority.


I strongly support a Christian entering the science field. My knowledge of science has greatly increased my faith as a Christian. Those going into science should be aware of the fields which are relatively more dominated by skeptics an scientific materialists. Neuroscience and biology attract a good number of hardline skeptics, whereas physics and chemistry does not. Having said that, I wish more Christians would pursue advanced study in neuroscience because it is such an important field for Christian apologetics. We cannot afford to concede territory to the enemy. Having given generic advice, whether or not an individual should pursue advanced study in the sciences is going to depend on the individual–their personality and their gifts. Science is definitely not for all people! However, for those gifted in science and willing to put up with some possible push back from non-believers, I urge them to consider a career in science. There are other considerations. Beginning the study of science is not for those who are over thirty, normally, for example. If you want more specific advice, feel free to contact me directly.

John Oakes

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