I just had a thought… and it’s disturbing me…   Outer space is so vast, there must be other life out there. Now… what are the odds that Jesus came to THIS planet, out of all of them? Why not others? Think about it. There are so many other planets out there, there must be other life out there in the billions of galaxies. So why did God send his Son to die on this planet?  What would discovering intelligent life on other planets mean for Christianity?  Couldn’t one argue that it makes Christianity seem man-made if we are just one of many planets and Jesus didn’t die on those ones?  I should note this started when I looked at a picture of all the galaxies and stars and the thought came into my head “If there are hundreds of billions of planets in the milky way alone, there MUST be some life out there!” But, what are the odds Jesus chose this planet? Does he not love the aliens? And out of the trillions of planets that exist there HAS to be SOME planets with organized religions on them. Wouldn’t that disprove Christianity?”  I also heard it argued that this would affect Christianity and Judaism, but not Islam since Islam is about just God and the universe (I believe there was a Quran verse about there being multiple earths and creatures like us), and worshiping one God. Whereas Judaism is about Israel and Christianity is about something God did. And that Islam doesn’t really have to do with earth. Does life on other planets debunk Christianity?


You are one of MANY people who have asked this question, of course.  It is only natural to ask this question.  However, the problem with this question is that there is no way to answer it!!!  First of all, you make the assumption that there must be life out there.  Maybe so. Maybe not.  Here is the bottom line on that.  No one knows, and, at this point, there is no way to know.  You assume the answer is yes, but, really, we have no idea.  Unless we can either go to the entire  universe to check it out (impossible) or perhaps view other planets remotely (which may eventually become possible), there is simply no way to know, and speculation is of little value on this one.
Your question assumes not only life on other planets, but intelligent, sentient life.  We cannot prove that this does not exist, but this is highly speculative.  Is there other intelligent life out there?  I have absolutely no idea.  You are asking whether we could argue that Christianity might seem man-made if there is life on other planets.  First of all, we do not know if there is, so this is a pretty much meaningless question (if you do not mind me saying so!).  Second of all, why would life on another planet make the Bible not true?  What about Christianity would change if there were life on another planet?  Jesus still was resurrected from the dead.  Jesus still fulfilled prophecy.  The Bible is still inspired by God, and life on another planet would not make Jesus any less the Son of God.  Obviously, the Bible does not address the question of life on other planets.  The Jews would have had no idea how to even grasp the idea of other planets, never mind life on those planets.
You say that, with the trillions of planets out there, there HAS to be SOME planets with organized religions.  Well, I disagree.  God created life.  God created us in his image.  If God had not created life, there would be no life.  If God had not created us in his image, then there would be no people in his image.  If there are other civilizations out there, it would be because God chose to create these peoples.  It is definitely NOT inevitable that life forms and that intelligent life evolves.  This is an assumption that does not agree with the science as I know it.  We are supernaturally made.  The idea that this affects Christianity and not Islam makes no sense!!!  First of all, Muhammad is a false prophet and Islam is not truth.  Muhammed did not die for our sins, he did not work miracles.  He did not rise from the dead.  He did not fulfill prophecy.  He is a false prophet.  He is a violent man who had hundreds executed because they opposed him, who attacked caravans and who had multiple wives.  To compare the Bible to the Qur’an on this is to make a category error.  The Bible is from God.  the Qur’an is from humans.  Besides, NEITHER religion is affected in the least if there is other intelligent life out there. (And by the way, there is no verse in the Qur’an that talks about other planets and life on those planets.  You are probably thinking of Mormonism and the Doctrine and Covenants, not Islam)  For both religions, either they are true or they are not, and the existence of life out there has no impact on whether they are true.  Three plus three is six, and whether there is life somewhere or not does not affect this.  It is wrong to murder.  Whether it is wrong to murder is not affected by whether there is other intelligent life somewhere else.  Jesus said that he is the resurrection and the life.  Either he is or he is not, but life on other planets would not impact this.
It is fun thinking about this question.  I like to think about it as well.  I like your question. But…  It amounts to sheer speculation, and it is literally impossible to answer.  But here is my thought.  If there were other sentient life out there, and if they were also made in God’s image, and if they, too, had rebelled against God and lost their relationship with him, then I suppose that the Son of God would come to that planet as well, and give his life for those people as well. God would love these people exactly as he does us humans on the earth.   Did this happen?  I REALLY doubt it!!!  Personally, I believe that we are the only sentient, made-in-God’s-image persons in the universe, but I would not bet my life on it.
John Oakes


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