John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 1:00 at

1 Thess 2 Paul’s Ministry Notes

Combined Acts Sermons I – VI    Acts Combined Sermons I – VI Notes    Acts Combined Sermons PPT

5/22  Acts VI Paul Speaks Before Kings     Acts VI PPT      Acts VI Paul Before Kings Audio

5/5  2 Cor 4-5 Notes    2 Cor 4-5 PPT    2 Cor 4-5 devo audio

5/1  Acts V Why Shouldn’t I Be Baptized? Notes   Acts V PPT   Acts V Why Not Be Baptized

4/21  Spiritual Formation I – III Notes  Spiritual Formation III PPT   Spiritual Formation III Audio

4/17    Passover, Firstfruits and Jesus Notes    Passover, Firstfruits and Jesus Audio

4/10  Acts Ch 20 sermon notes    Acts Ch 20 sermon PPT    Acst IV Paul’s Farewell Audio

4/7  Spiritual Formation Part I&II Notes  Spiritual Formation II PPT    Spiritual Formation II Audio

3/27  Acts III Model Church    Acts III PPT    Acts III Model Church Audio

3/17  The Power of Knowing Notes    The Power of Knowing PPT    The Power of Knowing Audio

3/10  Spiritual Formation I Notes     Spritual Formation I PPT    Spiritual Formation I Audio

3/6  Acts II Holy Spirit: the Starting Gun Notes    Acts Sermon II Starting Gun PPT    Acts II Starting Gun Audio

2/27  Acts Sermon I Jesus’ Mission Notes    Acts Sermon I PPT   Acts Sermon I    Acts I Mission Audio

2/24  All In–Running the Race Notes

2/20  Ecc II Wisdom from Solomon Notes    Ecc II PPT    Ecc II Wisdom Audio

2/10  All In: Burnt and Drink Offering Notes    All In Offerings PPT    All In Offerings Audio

2/6  Life Under the Son Ecc I Audio    Life Under the Sun PPT    Life Under the Sun Audio

1/23  Psalm 110 King Jesus Notes    Royal Psalms PPT    Psalm110 Royal Audio

1/16  Psalm 19 All In Praising God Audio    Psalm 19 PPT    Psalm 19 Praise Auto

1/13  You can trust and understand the Bible Notes     Trust and understand PPT    Trust and Understand Bible Audio

1/9/  Ps 119 All In With God’s Word notes  Psalm 119 Sermon PPT    Psalm 119 Sermon Audio

1/2/2022  Psalm 42 All In With God Notes    Psalm 42 PPT    Psalm 42 All In With God Audio

12/19  O come Emmanuel Notes    O Come, Emmanuel PPT    O Come, O Come Emmanuel Audio

12/12 EHS 6  Job and Suffering III Notes    Job and Suffering III PPT    Job Suffering 3 Audio

12/5  EHS 5  Job and Suffering II Notes    Job and Suffering II    Job and Suffering II Audio

11/28  EHS 4 Job: The Problem of Suffering Notes    Job and Suffering PPT    Job Suffering I Audio

11/21  EHS 3  Jacob: Deceiver or Man of God Notes    Jacob Deceiver or Man of God PPT    Jacob Audio

11/18  Campus devo EHS Ch 3 PPT  EHS 3 Backward Forward Audio

11/14  EHS 2 Psalms of Asaph Notes   Psalms of Asaph PPT    Psalms 73 74 Audio

11/11  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Intro Notes    Emotionally Healthy Spirituality PPT    EHS Intro Audio

11/7   EHS 1 Psalm 51 A Clean Heart Notes    Ps 51 Clean Heart Audio

Combined Notes and PPT for the Revelation series:  Revelation Combined Notes    Revelation combined PPT

10/31  Revelation VIII New Heaven and Earth  Revelation VIII PPT   Revelation VIII Audio   (first five minutes are missing… sorry)

10/27  Coming Home Church Study Notes  Salvation and Church Study PPT    Church Study Audio

10/24  Revelation VII Notes   Revelation VII PPT  Rev VII Audio

10/17  Revelation VI Notes They Overcame  Revelation VI PPT    Rev VI Audio Testimony

10/14  Coming Home Light and Darkness  Notes    First Principles L & D PPT    Coming Home Sin Study Audio

10/10  Revelation V Notes Salvation Belongs to God  Revelation V PPT  Rev V Audio Salvation

10/3  Revelation IV Notes Trust In God  Revelation IV PPT    Rev IV Audio Trust in God

9/26  Revelation III Notes Letters to Churches Part 2  Revelation III PPT

9/19  Revelation II Notes Letters to Churches  Revelation II PPT  Rev II Letters to Churches Audio

9/16  First Principles The Cross Study PPT  Cross Study Audio

9/9  Kairos God’s time for campus    God’s Time Audio

9/5  Revelation I Notes Alpha Omega    Revelation I PPT    Revelation I Audio

9/2   First Principles: Discipleship Study PPT    Discipleship Study Notes    Discipleship Study Audio

The Whole Isaiah Series:    Isaiah Sermons combined Notes    Isaiah Sermons Combined PPT

8/29  Isaiah VI Come to the Waters    Isaiah VI PPT    Isaiah VI Audio

8/22  Isaiah V God Calls a Remnant Notes  Isaiah V PPT    Isaiah V Remnant Audio

8/19  Seeking God and Word of God Study  Seek Word PPT    Seeking God Word of God Study audio

8/15  Isaiah IV Comfort for God’s People Notes  Isaiah IV PPT    Isaiah IV Comfort Audio

8/1  Isaiah III A Tale of Two Kings Audio    Isaiah III PPT    Isaiah III Two Kings Audio

7/25  Isaiah II Here Am I Send Me    Isaiah II PPT    Isaiah Sermon II Audio

7/21  Coming Home: Studying with People  Coming Home Studying PPT

7/18  Isaiah I The Lord is Salvation Notes  Isaiah I PPT    Isaiah Sermon I Audio

7/7  Commitment to the Body    Commitment Body PPT of Christ  Commitment to the Body Audio

7/4  Micah What Does the Lord Require Notes    Micah PPT   Micah Audio

6/27  Reconnect with God Notes    Ephesians Connecting With One Another (from Singles Conference)

6/24  Ephesians IV Family Practicals II   Ephesians IV PPT   Eph IV Family Practicals

6/20  Deuteronomy 30 Sermon (from campus retreat)  Deuteronomy 30 sermon audio

Power Point for the whole Zechariah series:  Zechariah Sermons PPT

6/13  Zechariah III On That Day Notes   Zechariah III PPT    Zechariah III On That Day Audio

6/10  Ephesians III Family Practicals  Ephesians III PPT  Eph III Family Living Audio

6/6  Zechariah II Your Kingdom Come PPT    Zechariah II Notes    Zech II Kingdom Come

5/30  Zechariah I Repent, Return, Restore, Rebuild    Zechariah I    Zech I Audio

5/23  Jonah PPT  Jonah sermon notes  Jonah Audio

5/16  Hebrews Living by Faith PPT  Hebrews Living by Faith Audio

5/12  Ephesians One In Him II Notes  One In Him II PPT   One In Him Eph II Audio

5/9  Mothers Day Sermon 2021    Mother’s Day Sermon 2021 PPT    Mother’s Day 2021 Audio

5/2  (This one was in Detroit)  Jesus the Great High Priest

4/25  Haggai Build God’s House Notes    Haggai Sermon

4/18  Who Would Have Believed Isaiah 53 Notes    Who Would Have Believed Our Message Isaiah 53 Audio

4/14  One Another 4 Notes  One another #4 PPT    One Another IV

4/4  The Resurrection We Should Have Known    Resurrection Should Have Known Audio

3/28  Habakkuk God Faithful Notes  Habakkuk PPT    Habakkuk Is God Faithful audio

3/21  Amos God’s Justice Notes    Amos God’s Justice PPT   Amos God’s Justice Audio

3/17  Coming Home: One Another Passages 3   One another #3 PPT    One Another III Audio

3/14  Hosea II God the Loving Parent   Hosea II A Parent’s Love Audio

3/7  Hosea I God’s Unrelenting Love Notes  Hosea I Unrelenting PPT  Hosea I Unrelenting Love Audio

3/3  One Another II Notes  One another II PPT    One Another II Audio

2/21  John XVI Feed My Sheep Notes    John XVI PPT   John XVI Feed My Sheep Audio

2/17   Coming Home: One Another 1    One Another PPT #1    One Another I Audio

Here are the power point and notes for the entire John series.  John Whole Series Notes  John Whole Series PPT

2/14  John XV The Hour Has Come Audio  John XV The Hour PPT    John XV Hour Has Come Audio

2/7  John XIV Abiding in Christ Notes   John XIV Abiding PPT    John XIV Abide Audio

1/31  John XIII Jesus Comforts His Disciples  John XIII Jesus Comforts PPT    John XIII Jesus Comforts Audio

1/24  John XII Glorification of the King notes  John XII PPT    John XII Glorify the King Audio

1/20  Ephesians Coming Home Devo Notes  Ephesians devotional PPT  Ephesians Home Devo Audio

1/17  John XI Jesus Raises Lazarus Notes  John XI Lazarus PPT    John XI Lazarus Audio

1/16  Coming Home Notes  Coming Home PPT  Coming Home I  Coming Home II  Coming Home Devotionals

1/10  John X Man Born Blind Notes  John X Man Born Blind PPT    John X Born Blind Audio

1/6  Kairos God’s Time Notes  kairos God’s Time PPT  kairos audio

1/3/2021  John IX Jesus and Tabernacles  John IX PPT   John IX Tabernacles Audio

12/27  John VIII Jesus the Second Moses  John VIII PPT    John VIII 2nd Moses Audio

12/20  John VII Jesus and Hanukkah    John VII Hanukkah PPT    John VII Hanukkah Audio

12/13  John VI Healing at Bethsaida    John VI Healing PPT    John VI Healing at Bethsaida Audio

12/6  John V Jesus and the Samaritan Woman John V PPT    John V Samaritan Woman Audio

11/29 John IV Jesus and Nicodemus  John IV PPT  John IV Jesus and Nicodemus Audio

11/25  John III Jesus at Cana Notes  John III PPT  John III Jesus in Cana Audio

11/18  Thanksgiving Midweek  thanksgiving devo PPT    Thanksgiving 2020

11/15 Today I am only doing the Lord’s Supper  Luke–The Last Seder and first Lord’s Supper

11/8  John II Let’s Meet Jesus Notes  John II PPT    John II Meet Jesus Audio

11/1  John I The Women in AdulteryNotes  John I Woman in Adultery audio

Entire Luke Series:  Luke Whole Series Notes    Luke Whole Series PPT

10/25  Luke IX Jesus in Jerusalem  Luke IX PPT    Luke IX Jerusalem Audio

10/18  Luke VIII Jesus and Samaritans    Luke VIII PPT    Luke VIII Samaritans

10/11  Luke VII The Lost Son   Luke VII PPT   Luke VII Lost Son Audio

10/4  Luke VI Jesus and the Poor Notes    Luke VI PPT    Luke VI Jesus and the Poor Audio

9/20   Luke V Jesus and Women  Luke V PPT    Luke V Jesus and Women

9/13  Luke IV Jesus Calls Disciples  Luke IV PPT   Luke IV Jesus Calls Disciples

9/6  Luke III Good News For the Poor   Luke III PPT  Luke III Help for the Poor

8/30  Luke II A Savior, Lying in a Manger   Luke II PPT  Luke II Savior in a Manger

8/23  Luke I Upside Down Kingdom of God  Luke I PPT  Luke I Upside Down

Here are notes and a power point for the entire Matthew series.  Matthew Sermon Series Notes   Matthew Sermon Series PPT

8/16  Matthew XVII Prophecies of Death, Burial and Resurrection  Matthew XVII PPT    Matthew XVII Audio

8/12  Reliability Bakersfield PPT    Reliability Bakersfield

8/9  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats  Matthew XVI PPT  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats Audio

8/2  Matthew XV Preparing to Meet God  Matthew XV PPT  Matthew XV Be Prepared

7/29  Studying the Bible With Our Friends Notes   Studying Bible PPT  Studying Bible With Friends Audio

7/26  Matthew XIV Coming Into the Kingdom Notes  Matthew XIV PPT  Matthew XIV Audio

7/19  Matthew XIII Messiah Comes to Jerusalem Notes   Matthew XIII PPT   Matthew XIII Audio

7/15  History Archaeology and the Bible PPT   History Archaeology and the Bible Audio

7/12  Matthew XII Kingdom Relationships  Matthew XII PPT  Matthew XII Audio

7/5  Matthew XI Who Do You Say Notes   Matthew XI PPT   Matthew XI Audio

6/28  Matthew X The Kingdom Has Come PPT   Matthew X Notes  Matthew X Audio

6/21  Josh Fatherree preached this week  Matthew IX Josh F.  Matthew IX Value in the Kingdom PPT

6/17 Midweek Lesson  Evangelism Midweek    Evangelism Audio

6/14  Matthew VIII Harvest Notes    Matthew VIII PPT  Matthew VIII Audio

6/7    Matthew VII entering the Kingdom    Matthew VII PPT  Matthew VII Audio

5/31  Matthew VI Seek First the Kingdom  Matthew VI PPT  Matt VI Seeking the Kingdom

5/24  Matthew V Kingdom Righteousness  Matthew V PPT     Matthew V Kingdom Righteousness

5/17  Matthew IV Life in the Kingdom Notes  Matthew IV PPT    Matthew IV Life in the Kingdom Audio

5/10  Hannah A Godly Mother Notes   Hannah a godly mother

5/3  Matthew III Kingdom Attitudes    Matthew III Kingdom Attitudes PPT  Matt III Kingdom Attitudes

4/26  Matthew II Preparing for Ministry    Matthew II PPT    Matthew II Prepare for Ministry

4/19  Matthew I The Jewish Gospel Notes    Matthew 1 PPT  Matthew The Jewish Gospel Audio

Here is a PPT for the entire Mark series:  Mark Sermons I – VIII PPT

4/12  Mark-VIII PPT     Mark VIII Death and Resurrection Notes  Mark VIII Death and Resurrection Audio

4/5  Mark-VII Discipleship PPT  Mark VII Discipleship Notes  Mark – Pt VII Audio

3/29  Mark-VI-Discipleship PPT  Mark VI Discipleship Notes    Mark VI Audio

3/8  Mark V Notes    Mark-Sermon-V    Mark V Audio

3/1  Real Jesus II Audio

2/23  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up PPT  Real Jesus Notes    Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up I Audio

2/16  Mark Sermon IV Miracles Notes    Mark Sermon IV PPT    Mark IV Miracles

2/9  Mark III Notes Kingdom Parables  Mark III PPT    Mark III Kingdom Parables

2/2  Mark Sermon II PPT    Mark Sermon II Notes    Mark Part II Authority of Jesus

1/29  Great Bible Study PPT    Great Bible Study Notes     Great Bible Study Audio

1/26  Mark Part I Audio    Mark Sermon I PPT    Mark Sermon I Notes

1/19  Ezekiel VI Gog & Magog    Ezekiel VI PPT    Ezekiel VI Notes

1/12  Ezekiel V God Saves a Remnant  Ezekiel V PPT    Ezekiel V Notes

12/29  Ezekiel IV God Calls a Remnant   Ezekiel IV PPT God’s Remnant    Ezekiel IV Notes 

12/22   A Savior is Born       A Savior is Born PPT  A Savior is Born Notes

12/15  Jesus Immanuel Audio    Jesus Immanuel PPT  Jesus Immanuel Notes

12/8  Ezekiel III God’s Justice    Ezekiel III God’s Justice PPT    Ezekiel III Notes

12/1  Ezekiel II God’s Watchman    Ezekiel II ppt    Ezekiel II Notes

11/24  Ezekiel I God Commissions a Prophet     Ezekiel 1 God’s Prophet PPT    Ezekiel I God’s Prophet Notes

Here are the PPT and notes for the entire series:    In Christ I-VII PPT    In-Christ-Sermon Notes I – VII

11/17  In Christ Part VII  In Christ VII PPT  In Christ VII Notes

11/10  In Christ Part VI  In Christ VI PPT    In Christ VI notes

11/3 In Christ Part V  In Christ V PPT    In Christ V Notes

10/19  Daniel 3 Sermon    Daniel 3 for Kids Notes  Daniel 3 ppt

10/12  In Christ Part IV    In Christ IV Notes    In Christ IV PPT

10/5 In Christ III    In Christ III Notes     In Christ III PPT

9/28  In Christ Part II   In Christ II Notes    In Christ II PPT

9/14  In Christ Part I    In Christ I Notes    In Christ I PPT

8/18  Acts and Church History    Acts and Church History Audio

8/11  Heb 12 Mountain of The Lord audio     Hebrews 12 PPT Mountain of the Lord    Hebrews 12 Sermon Notes

8/4  Rom 4 Righteous by Faith    Romans 4 Righteous by Faith notes

7/28  Heb 10 Draw Near to God     Hebrews 10 Notes  Hebrews 10 PPT

7/14  Heb 9 A Greater Sacrifice  Hebrews 9 Notes  Hebrews 9 PPT

7/7  FSTR Jesus and OT Festivals  FSTR PPT    FSTR Notes

6/30 From Shadow to Reality Sacrifices and Jesus

6/23 From Shadow to Reality Audio Shadow to Reality Notes  FSTR PPT

6/16/09  Heb 8 The Main Point Audio  Hebrews 8 Notes    Hebrews 8 PPT

6/9/2019    Hebrews 7 Melchizedek Who is He Notes  Melchizedek Who is He PPT    Melchizedek Who is He Audio

3 31 19  Hebrews 6 Sermon    Hebrews 6 Warning and Assurance PPT   Hebrews 6 Warning and Assurance Notes

3 24 19   Heb 4 & 5 Jesus, the Perfect High Priest  Hebrews 4 & 5 PPT    Heb 4 & 5 Notes

3’17’19  Hebrews 3 sermon Make Every Effort   Hebrews Ch 3 PPT    Hebrews Ch. 3 Sermon Notes

3/10/2019   Holy Spirit Sermon Notes  Holy Spirit Sermon PPT   The Holy Spirit Audio

2/17/2019   This is the first of several sermons in a series on the Book of Hebrews.   Hebrews Ch 1 Sermon notes    Hebrews Ch 1 PPT    Hebrews1 SermonThe Amazing Jesus    Hebrews Ch 2 PPT   Hebrews Ch. 2 Notes   Hebrews Ch 2 sermon Pay Attention

2/10/2 019.  Freedom in Christ/Golden Rule Membership  It is on the freedom we have in Christ, and how we ought to use our freedom to serve others.   Freedom in Christ PPT   Freedom in Christ notes   Freedom in Christ Audio

2/3/2019   Malachi: Faith in God vs Faithful to God.   Malachi notes    Malachi PPT    Malachi Faith or Faithful audio

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