John Oakes is now preaching regularly for the Bakersfield Church of Christ. We will be posting all of his sermons here.  Services are now live streamed Sundays at 10:30 at   See you there.

9/20   Luke V Jesus and Women  Luke V PPT    Luke V Jesus and Women

9/13  Luke IV Jesus Calls Disciples  Luke IV PPT   Luke IV Jesus Calls Disciples

9/6  Luke III Good News For the Poor   Luke III PPT  Luke III Help for the Poor

8/30  Luke II A Savior, Lying in a Manger   Luke II PPT  Luke II Savior in a Manger

8/23  Luke I Upside Down Kingdom of God  Luke I PPT  Luke I Upside Down

Here are notes and a power point for the entire Matthew series.  Matthew Sermon Series Notes   Matthew Sermon Series PPT

8/16  Matthew XVII Prophecies of Death, Burial and Resurrection  Matthew XVII PPT    Matthew XVII Audio

8/12  Reliability Bakersfield PPT    Reliability Bakersfield

8/9  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats  Matthew XVI PPT  Matthew XVI Sheep and Goats Audio

8/2  Matthew XV Preparing to Meet God  Matthew XV PPT  Matthew XV Be Prepared

7/29  Studying the Bible With Our Friends Notes   Studying Bible PPT  Studying Bible With Friends Audio

7/26  Matthew XIV Coming Into the Kingdom Notes  Matthew XIV PPT  Matthew XIV Audio

7/19  Matthew XIII Messiah Comes to Jerusalem Notes   Matthew XIII PPT   Matthew XIII Audio

7/15  History Archaeology and the Bible PPT   History Archaeology and the Bible Audio

7/12  Matthew XII Kingdom Relationships  Matthew XII PPT  Matthew XII Audio

7/5  Matthew XI Who Do You Say Notes   Matthew XI PPT   Matthew XI Audio

6/28  Matthew X The Kingdom Has Come PPT   Matthew X Notes  Matthew X Audio

6/21  Josh Fatherree preached this week  Matthew IX Josh F.  Matthew IX Value in the Kingdom PPT

6/17 Midweek Lesson  Evangelism Midweek    Evangelism Audio

6/14  Matthew VIII Harvest Notes    Matthew VIII PPT  Matthew VIII Audio

6/7    Matthew VII entering the Kingdom    Matthew VII PPT  Matthew VII Audio

5/31  Matthew VI Seek First the Kingdom  Matthew VI PPT  Matt VI Seeking the Kingdom

5/24  Matthew V Kingdom Righteousness  Matthew V PPT     Matthew V Kingdom Righteousness

5/17  Matthew IV Life in the Kingdom Notes  Matthew IV PPT    Matthew IV Life in the Kingdom Audio

5/10  Hannah A Godly Mother Notes   Hannah a godly mother

5/3  Matthew III Kingdom Attitudes    Matthew III Kingdom Attitudes PPT  Matt III Kingdom Attitudes

4/26  Matthew II Preparing for Ministry    Matthew II PPT    Matthew II Prepare for Ministry

4/19  Matthew I The Jewish Gospel Notes    Matthew 1 PPT  Matthew The Jewish Gospel Audio

Here is a PPT for the entire Mark series:  Mark Sermons I – VIII PPT

4/12  Mark-VIII PPT     Mark VIII Death and Resurrection Notes  Mark VIII Death and Resurrection Audio

4/5  Mark-VII Discipleship PPT  Mark VII Discipleship Notes  Mark – Pt VII Audio

3/29  Mark-VI-Discipleship PPT  Mark VI Discipleship Notes    Mark VI Audio

3/8  Mark V Notes    Mark-Sermon-V    Mark V Audio

3/1  Real Jesus II Audio

2/23  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up PPT  Real Jesus Notes    Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up I Audio

2/16  Mark Sermon IV Miracles Notes    Mark Sermon IV PPT    Mark IV Miracles

2/9  Mark III Notes Kingdom Parables  Mark III PPT    Mark III Kingdom Parables

2/2  Mark Sermon II PPT    Mark Sermon II Notes    Mark Part II Authority of Jesus

1/29  Great Bible Study PPT    Great Bible Study Notes     Great Bible Study Audio

1/26  Mark Part I Audio    Mark Sermon I PPT    Mark Sermon I Notes

1/19  Ezekiel VI Gog & Magog    Ezekiel VI PPT    Ezekiel VI Notes

1/12  Ezekiel V God Saves a Remnant  Ezekiel V PPT    Ezekiel V Notes

12/29  Ezekiel IV God Calls a Remnant   Ezekiel IV PPT God’s Remnant    Ezekiel IV Notes 

12/22   A Savior is Born       A Savior is Born PPT  A Savior is Born Notes

12/15  Jesus Immanuel Audio    Jesus Immanuel PPT  Jesus Immanuel Notes

12/8  Ezekiel III God’s Justice    Ezekiel III God’s Justice PPT    Ezekiel III Notes

12/1  Ezekiel II God’s Watchman    Ezekiel II ppt    Ezekiel II Notes

11/24  Ezekiel I God Commissions a Prophet     Ezekiel 1 God’s Prophet PPT    Ezekiel I God’s Prophet Notes

Here are the PPT and notes for the entire series:    In Christ I-VII PPT    In-Christ-Sermon Notes I – VII

11/17  In Christ Part VII  In Christ VII PPT  In Christ VII Notes

11/10  In Christ Part VI  In Christ VI PPT    In Christ VI notes

11/3 In Christ Part V  In Christ V PPT    In Christ V Notes

10/19  Daniel 3 Sermon    Daniel 3 for Kids Notes  Daniel 3 ppt

10/12  In Christ Part IV    In Christ IV Notes    In Christ IV PPT

10/5 In Christ III    In Christ III Notes     In Christ III PPT

9/28  In Christ Part II   In Christ II Notes    In Christ II PPT

9/14  In Christ Part I    In Christ I Notes    In Christ I PPT

8/18  Acts and Church History    Acts and Church History Audio

8/11  Heb 12 Mountain of The Lord audio     Hebrews 12 PPT Mountain of the Lord    Hebrews 12 Sermon Notes

8/4  Rom 4 Righteous by Faith    Romans 4 Righteous by Faith notes

7/28  Heb 10 Draw Near to God     Hebrews 10 Notes  Hebrews 10 PPT

7/14  Heb 9 A Greater Sacrifice  Hebrews 9 Notes  Hebrews 9 PPT

7/7  FSTR Jesus and OT Festivals  FSTR PPT    FSTR Notes

6/30 From Shadow to Reality Sacrifices and Jesus

6/23 From Shadow to Reality Audio Shadow to Reality Notes  FSTR PPT

6/16/09  Heb 8 The Main Point Audio  Hebrews 8 Notes    Hebrews 8 PPT

6/9/2019    Hebrews 7 Melchizedek Who is He Notes  Melchizedek Who is He PPT    Melchizedek Who is He Audio

3 31 19  Hebrews 6 Sermon    Hebrews 6 Warning and Assurance PPT   Hebrews 6 Warning and Assurance Notes

3 24 19   Heb 4 & 5 Jesus, the Perfect High Priest  Hebrews 4 & 5 PPT    Heb 4 & 5 Notes

3’17’19  Hebrews 3 sermon Make Every Effort   Hebrews Ch 3 PPT    Hebrews Ch. 3 Sermon Notes

3/10/2019   Holy Spirit Sermon Notes  Holy Spirit Sermon PPT   The Holy Spirit Audio

2/17/2019   This is the first of several sermons in a series on the Book of Hebrews.   Hebrews Ch 1 Sermon notes    Hebrews Ch 1 PPT    Hebrews1 SermonThe Amazing Jesus    Hebrews Ch 2 PPT   Hebrews Ch. 2 Notes   Hebrews Ch 2 sermon Pay Attention

2/10/2 019.  Freedom in Christ/Golden Rule Membership  It is on the freedom we have in Christ, and how we ought to use our freedom to serve others.   Freedom in Christ PPT   Freedom in Christ notes   Freedom in Christ Audio

2/3/2019   Malachi: Faith in God vs Faithful to God.   Malachi notes    Malachi PPT    Malachi Faith or Faithful audio

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