I’m reading the book From Shadow to Reality and have a question on the comment made on page 151 concerning the Levitical sacrificial system. The comment states " The sacrifices for sin definitely were not a pleasing aroma to God and are never described in that way. On the contrary, they involve things which God hates. Leviticus chapters four and five do not mention anything about sin sacrifices pleasing God." Can you explain Leviticus 4:31. Why is it mentioned in this one instance of sin sacrifice that the aroma is pleasing to God?
I think the answer is that you have found an exception to the rule I state in my book.  I am a bit surprised, but there is no question that the sacrifice being described in Leviticus 4 is a sin offering.   I will have to think about this one and perhaps even adjust what I say and how I say it.   The picture I present in the book is the one most of the "experts" present, but it appears you have found an exception.   Hmmmm….
John Oakes

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