It appears there is physical evidence for great floods – submerged cities all over the world. Many cultures speak of the great floods, isolated by location and time, these cultures seem to share similiar beliefs and architecture (i.e. pyramids built from south america to China). It seems as if, this ties in with the “legends of atlantis” – what appear to be advanced civilizations who lived before the great floods.
– Do you have knowledge of Atlantis? Is it likely, this is when the nephilim lived? When there was mass corruption – God brought the floods to cleanse the earth.
– The sphinx in Egypt shows signs of being many thousands of years old – much older than 4,000 years as orthodox egyptologist would claim.
– These structures (pyramids & megalithic structures around the world) are mathematical & architectural (and astrological) miracles – they show signs of “advanced” technology & knowledge that we would struggle with today.
– Is this accounted for in the Bible and what are you thoughts on these subjects?
– If i could go on to ask further questions (I understand if you do not have the time to answer):
On an interesting documentary “Ring of Power: Empire of the city”, the producer claims (and says many also speculate) that:
– The producer is basically matching all Biblical characters with Egyptian Pharoahs (for which there is more physical/documented & dated evidence for).
– The producer says, Jesus Christ was the son of Cleopatra, his Father Julius Ceaser (same initials JC). When Julius Ceaser was killed, Jesus’ mother made him flee egypt with Mary & Joseph.
– Jesus married his half sister – Mary Magdalene (at a wedding party where “Jesus used his Godly powers to turn water into wine”) – apparently, this Bible failed to name the names of the bride and groom (leading the producer to speculate on who may have married).
– it is also claimed, closing a prayer with amen, we are actually worshiping the Egyptian God “Amen Ra” (I have argued with others, this is hebrew for “let it be” while they argue, Hebrew came out of Egypt and this God came before the hebrew language)
– They claim Moses was the Egyptian Pharoah “Thutmose”
Many thanks for any help you can give.


I agree that there is evidence of great flood(s) in the past. This can be thought of as evidence of a great flood such as that described in Genesis 7 in the past. However, there are no mysterious submerged cities. This is completely false. Of course, parts of Alexandria are underwater, but that is because of the sinking of the land in the Nile Delta, which is a natural process. Also, because of a catastrophic flood in the Black Sea, due to its becoming connected to the Mediterranean immersed human habitation in the Black Sea area. In this case as well, the process is a natural one which is well explained.

As for Atlantis, this is a myth with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. It is in the same category as Loch Ness monster, yeti, ancient aliens and the like. No, the nephilim did not live in Atlantis because there is no Atlantis. We should train ourselves to think skeptically. I have seen no reliable information which puts the sphynx much older than 4000 years. Where did you hear this idea? Some authors like to make money off people who are not trained to separate spurious claims from ones with legitimate evidence. You should look carefully at the qualifications of those who make such claims. 

The making of the pyramids and other ancient structures are not mysteries or miracles. Most of the ancient structures and huge carvings (for example Easter Island) have been explained using evidence available locally. Again, we should be skeptical of these claims.
The claims you list are in the junk category. These are the kinds of things one finds on the History Channel. The great majority of this is junk and of no value.
The “Amen Ra” thing has been thoroughly refuted based on etymology. This is answered at my web site. Search for the word Amen.   

Jesus the son of Cleopatra???? Seriously??? Cleopatra died in 33BC!!!! Some people will produce any theory in order to make a profit from gullible people.
The Jesus/Magdalen theory is completely discredited. No scholar believes this nonsense!!!
Again, we should be careful and think carefully about the sources of what we look into.

John Oakes

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