In the year 2000 Robert Ballard, famed for discovering the Titanic, made an
astounding discovery.? Several? hundred feet below the current later level in
the Black Sea, he discovered an ancient coast line and even signs of human habitation.?
Both of of these discoveries strongly suggest that several thousands of years
ago there was a massive flood in the Black Sea basin.? This flood was produced
toward the end of the last ice age, when the level of the Mediterranean Sea
became high enough to breach the Dardenelles Straits, which separate Europe from
Asia.? The discovery of solid evidence for such a massive flood is certainly
very interesting.

It has been calculated that this flood would have taken place over the course
of weeks, rather than days, as the water flowed through the narrow straits.?
Most likely, the water rose something like dozens of feet per day, allowing
most larger life forms, including humans, to escape the rising water, but forcing
the people to abandon their homes.? Although this is surely a fascinating discovery,
it seems very unlikely that it has anything to do with the flood described in
Genesis.? The genesis account clearly describes a world-wide event, associated with
massive amounts of rain, which also resulted in the deaths of animals and humans
on a great scale, none of which would be associated with the Black Sea Flood.

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