Have you done any studying on this topic?  There is a substitute teacher
at my school that has been on 7 Ararat expeditions.  He sends me a
constant barrage of literature via e-mail.  It kind of reads like
accounts of people looking for big foot.  Do you have any objective sources?


I have done a lot of studying on this topic!  I like your analogy.  The search for Noah’s ark is a bit like the search for bigfoot.  Those who search for the ark are not unlike the bigfoot faithful in that both searches are based on a blind and almost certainly fruitless faith.  The search is dominated by hoaxters who have little interest in the truth.  There have been a lot of bogus reports of finding an ark on Ararat.  A number of unscrupulous folks have turned these bogus reports of ark sightings into fame and money.  The chances of the ark being discovered at the top of Ararat is basically zero.  Almost certainly the ark did not settle at the top of the mountain!  Besides, the former inhabitants of the ark probably would have burned the wood or used it to build structures.  I have a good friend who is really into the whole ark/Ararat thing.  He has personally sponsored expeditions to do side scanning sonar on Ararat.  I do not know what to say.  This is almost certainly a waste of time and money which could be used for the cause of Jesus.
There is a book which is a reasonable objective summary of the search for the ark.  It is available at  It is titled "Explorers of Ararat"  I am not sure that is the exact title, but it is close.  This book is a summary of the better known expeditions.  The author holds out the possibility of finding the ark, but at least he is willing to discredit the bogus claims which are out there.
Keep the faith.
John Oakes


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