What is your take one the Hypostatic Union of Christ?   
The question of the "Hypostatic Union" of Christ was settled, as far as the Orthodox Church was concerned, at the Council of Calchedon.  Of couse the Monophysites (Coptic church) did not accept this decision.
My response is that I agree with the thesis that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine.  I am a bit cautious about saying "I agree with the Council of Calchedon."  It believe it is possible to over-define such things.  It is possible that in subscribing to a human statement about Jesus which is not in the Bible I may inadvertantly create division with another believer which is not necessary.  Besides, the joining of humanity and divinity Jesus is a mystery.  I am not sure that any human definition can get it exactly right.  However, I will say that as I see it, the rather abstract statement of the Hypostatic Union does  get it essentially right.
John Oakes

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