In John 14 :12 Jesus says whoever believes in him will do what he did and
even greater. This makes me feel that as a disciple I could be able to do
virtually everything (pray for the sick and have them get well etc).
Please shed more light on the ability that lies in us now in this age.With
the Holy spirit can’t we still do some wonders? (from a believer in


Jesus’ statement in John 14:12 does seem to be surprising. Is it true
that we do greater things than John the Baptist? He had “all Jerusalem
and Judea” listening to his preaching. But what about the claim that we
could do still greater things than Jesus. He raised people from the
dead. Is Jesus promising that we will be able to make the blind see and
bring the dead back to life, or do even greater things than that?

Given the facts, the obvious answer is no, we will not heal more people
than Jesus did. We will not be a greater teacher than he was either. We
will not live a more moral life than Jesus, or be more devoted to God than
he was. Let me share with you what I believe Jesus had in mind. This
statement reminds me of his of his similar statement about John the
Baptist in Luke 7:28. “I tell you, among those born of woman there is no
one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is
greater than he.” You could argue that Jesus is using hyperbole
(deliberate exaggeration in order to make a point) both in John 14:12 and
Luke 7:28. In both cases, Jesus is making the point that anything done in
“the kingdom of God” is automatically greater than anything done before
the greater coming of the kingdom which happened after Jesus was raised
from the deat. Bottom line, we have the words of life available to us.
We have the opportunity to help usher people into salvation. This was not
available to anyone up to that time; even to the apostles. It is true
that any of us who helps a person to achieve eternal life in Christ has
done something more significant than any accomplishment in this world–be
they by kings or artists or athletic heroes. The least in the kingdom of
God is greater than the greatest out of the kingdom. This is not to say
that Jesus was not in the kingdom, or that no one was in God’s kingdom
before Jesus, but the greater manifestation of the kingdom which was
ushered in with the death and resurrection of Jesus is surpassingly

It appears to me that this is what Jesus has in mind in both of these
passages. I do not believe Jesus is talking about our ability to do
miracles. If so, then the statement does not make sense, at least to me.
I believe that Jesus was the greatest teacher, the greatest
miracle-worker, the greatest man who has or ever will live on the earth.
No one will live a more pure life than he.

John Oakes

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