Will people who make it Heaven have free will there? Is there sin in
Heaven, and if we have free will, wouldn’t we have a choice to sin? What
about Lucifer, how did he get kicked out of Heaven, or was he ever in

This is a very interesting theological question. It is really just a
curiosity, as it does not affect us one way or another in this life, but
it is sometimes fun to speculate on such questions. I am afraid that any
answer to such a question must be at least somewhat speculative. God does
not provide a large amount of concrete information about what heaven will
be like. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard…. what God has prepared for
those who love him.” (1 Cor 2:9). God uses highly symbolic language to
describe heaven, presumably because it is hard to describe heaven using
human terms. Revelation 21 and 22 uses such symbolic language as “streets
of gold, like transparent glass.”

Having said this, what about the question of free will? In Revelation 21
and 22 one sees heaven described as a place with no more tears, no more
suffering, nothing unclean. From this description, I see heaven as a place
without sin. If there is no sin, then perhaps there is no will to sin.
Does this mean no free will? Perhaps. Either there is no “free will” in
heaven or at the very least the definition of free will will be different
in heaven than it is on earth. I cannot give you a solid answer to your
question, but I would infer from the biblical description of heaven that
all will be in perfect obedience to God, and therefore the human, earthly
definition of free will will not apply in heaven.

As far as Lucifer is concerned, I have already answered this question.
Just do a search on the word LUCIFER. I understand why you see a
connection. If Lucifer is a fallen angel, then it would seem to imply that
those in heaven have free will. First, note from the answer referred to
above, it is questionable biblically to call Satan a fallen angel.
Besides, it is not clear at all that Satan or any angel is currently in
the “new heaven and earth” which God has prepared for us to live in in a
future age. The angels may be in “the heavens,” but that does not mean
that they are in the heaven described in Revelation 21,22 right now. I
would be extremely hesitant to use a questionable idea about Satan falling
from heaven to imply that those of us who are saved will have free will in

Sorry to give you an answer which is tentative, but it is better to be
honest when one is not absolutely sure about a question.

John Oakes, PhD

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