Why does Satan mean TRUTH in ancient Sanskrit while Jehovah means EVIL GOD in Hebrew?


Satan does NOT mean truth.  Period.  I went to a web site that makes this bogus claim.  The Hebrew word means what it means.  The fact that a particular set of sounds in Algonquin is used for one meaning and for another meaning in Egyptian means nothing.  My sister once spent a summer in Turkey.  She saw some peaches in a market and shouted out the word “peaches.”  Apparently, in Turkish this is a very bad word.  Did my sister swear?  NO!  Peaches means to her what it means to her.  Those who claim differently are simply making weak or completely bogus arguments.  The etymology of a word does not tell us its meaning.  Besides, the author I read who made this claim gave absolutely no evidence that the etymology of the word Satan has any relationship with ancient Sanskrit.  Even if it did, it would do absolutely nothing to prove his point.  If you want to find out the English meaning of a word, you should ask an English speaker.  If you want to know the Hebrew meaning of a word, you should ask a Hebrew speaker (or in this case the ancient Hebrew meaning of the word can be learned from a speaker of ancient Hebrew).  What is the meaning of the Hebrew word Satan?  Well, look in the Bible for the word and you will find out what it means.  In Revelation 12:9 we are told that Satan is the name of the serpent or of the devil.  There is absolutely not a single piece of evidence that anyone ever used the word Satan to mean truth in Hebrew or on any book in the Bible.  You should be a bit more skeptical of such bogus claims.

About the name Jehovah meaning evil God in Hebrew.  Again, anyone can make this claim, but what is lacking is evidence.  Did the Bible ever say that Jehovah is evil?  Well, that is an easy question.  No.  What does Jehovah (more precisely YHWH) mean?  It means I AM.  That is what it means.  Period.  No more discussion needed, because this is what God told Moses.

Did anyone ever say that Jehovah is evil?  The answer is yes.  Many of the Gnostics in the second and third century made exactly this claim, for example in the Gospel of Judas.  They made the claim that the God of the Old Testament, YHWH, was evil. But this is not the question. Does the word Jehovah mean evil God in Hebrew?  The answer is simply.  No.  This is an entirely false claim.  Even the Gnostics never said that this name means evil God, because it does not mean this.  They claimed that this God is evil, but even they did not make the bogus claim that his name means evil God.

You can safely completely ignore this bogus false claim that Satan means truth or that YHWH means evil God.  It is being made by a Satanist who has no interest in the truth.

John Oakes

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