Dr. John Oakes is teaching several classes at a discipleship conference in Orlando.  We will be posting the audio immediately after the classes are offered.   After this, he will be in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and will be posting classes.  Here is the schedule:
Monday 8/1 9:30 AM  King Jesus, Human Philosophies, Traditions and the Kingdom.  An exegesis of Colossians 2:6-23.   King Jesus vs Philosophies PPT      King Jesus Col 2 Notes    King Jesus vs World’s Philosophies Audio

Thursday 8/4 2:45 You Want Missionary Opportunities Now and During Retirement?  Empty Nester Missions

Friday 8/5 9:00  A Deep Dive: The Blessings of Being In Christ  In Christ PPT    In-Christ Notes    In Christ WDS

Friday 8/5 10:45  Science That Takes You to a Deeper Faith    Science and Bible Deeper Faith PPT    God and Science WDS

Dominican Republic 8/7-10

Haiti  8/11-16










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