Question:,Would voting for Hilary Clinton for President be unbiblical, as she is a woman in authority position?,Answer:,Let me answer your question with another question. What passage in the Bible can you use to show that women cannot take a leadership role in a secular job?,OK, now we have that out of the way. There is no passage about this. In fact, even in the Bible we have stories such as that of Deborah who led the Jewish people to victory in war. I believe God would have preferred a man to take the lead of Israel in this case, but because no man would step up, God did not hesitate to use a woman to meet the spiritual need of the moment. The Bible does not condemn women taking authority positions. It does teach against women taking authority roles over men within the church, but even then we should be careful how we apply this. Either way, it is not a sin for a woman to be a manager in a restaurant or to be a teacher in a school. Christian women can be principals and lawyers and doctors. What passage would one use to say it is a sin for a Christian woman to be a college professor, which means that she is in authority over men?,,I believe we as followers of Jesus ought to vote for the person most qualified to lead our country. If that person is Hillary Clinton, very good. In fact, even though I personally do not like Hillary as a potential president and do not plan on voting for her, part of me hopes she wins anyway to show up all those arrogant, prideful, bigoted men who have tried to control women and keep them “in their place” for far too long.,John Oakes

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