I am a disciple of Jesus in Abidjan.  I work as a graphic editor for hebdoomadaire space.   I called up the newspaper. But in this paper, there are topics like horoscope, new age, and the meaning of names.  I feel like my hands are used as a tool to hurt spirutually those who read the newspaper.

– How to work in such an environment as a Christian?
– Can a Christian graphic editor work on matierial which includes new age topics being submitted to his superiors?.
– What is the Christian ethics of work?
Thank you.


This is a personal decision you need to make.  I cannot make a judgment call on such a complicated issue sitting in my chair in San Diego, California.   The fact is that as believers, it is inevitable that we will be at work places where pagan things happen.  The fact that a newspaper includes pagan things such as horoscopes and new-age philosophy is not necessarily a reason you cannot work for that paper.   This is a “grey area.”    You have to make a personal decision on whether the amount of garbage in this newspaper is sufficient that you cannot, in good conscience, work for the paper.   Again, this is a personal decision.   Perhaps you can do some good at that newspaper.   Perhaps you can the light of the world and the city on the hill at this paper.    On the other hand, the business may be so corrupt and so committed to destroying Christianity that you simply cannot work there.   This is up to you.

As for an example, I would use Daniel.   I suggest you read Daniel chapter 6.   Here, Daniel was working for a pagan king who did a lot of pagan things.   Daniel did not refuse to take the job.   Instead he worked with integrity, honesty and hard work.   As a result he was able to convert his boss.   Daniel 6:4 is a great passage in this context.  The [corrupt] administrators and satraps… could find no charge or corruption, for he was trustworthy and no negligence or corruption was found in him.   This is the Christian ethic for the work place.   Also, notice that when his workplace required Daniel to behave in an unrighteous way, he refused to do so.   Instead, he used their demand that he compromise his convictions as a way to reinforce his convictions.   This is also illustrated by Daniel chapter one.

Whether or not you can stay on your job in view of the pagan influences of your newspaper is a personal decision you will have to make.   You will not be able to completely escape the world no matter what job you have.  I suggest that whether you stay or move on, you set an example like that of Daniel and perhaps you will be able to influence and even convert those you work with.

John Oakes

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