Robert Carrillo and John Oakes will be teaching a class on the Kingdom of God on five consecutive Saturdays at 9:00-10:30 at the Mission Center of Hope beginning Sat, April 9th.  You can just show up the first day, but we request you register.  Contact Jan Oakes at 858-505-8841.  Cost for the entire series: $10.  For more info and an outline, see below.   doc Kingdom of God Notes    mp3 The Kingdom of God Part I  mp3 Kingdom of God Part IA   mp3 Kingdom of God Part 2 13.25 Mb   mp3 Kingdom of God Part 3 15.71 Mb    mp3 Kingdom of God Part 4 14.50 Mb    mp3 The Kingdom of God Part 5 8.63 Mb    mp3 Kingdom of God Part 6 9.11 Mb   ppt Kingdom of God Day Power Point 15.13 Mb


The Kingdom of God and the Day of the Lord



Robert Carrillo and John Oakes

1. Introduction:  What is the kingdom of God?  John   Week 1

2. The Kingdom of God and the Church.  John    Week 1

3. The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament.  The Day of the Lord  John   Week 2

4. Jesus and the Kingdom of God: Parables of the Kingdom.  Robert    Week 3

5. The Kingdom of God and the world.  Robert   Week 4

6. Prophecies of the Kingdom.  John   Week 5

7. Heaven.  Robert   Week 5

Dates  Saturdays 4/9-5/7

Time:  9:00-10:30

Location:  Mission Center of Hope

6162 Mission Gorge Road, Suite A, San Diego



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