Dr. John Oakes, Robert Carrillo and Mark Wilkinson will be teaching an 8-week 16-hour introduction to the Old Testament on consecutive Saturdays Feb 25-April 14 at the Mission Center of Hope in San Diego, CA.  For an outline, more information or to register see below.


Week 1.  John Oakes and Robert Carrillo.  Intro to the Old Testment.

Week 2.  John Oakes Genesis.

Week 3.  John Oakes Exodus-Deuteronomy.

Week 4.  John Oakes  History:  Joshua-2 Samuel.

Week 5.  Robert Carrillo  History and Prophets:  2 Samuel-1 Kings and Prophets from the 8th and 7th centuries.

Week 6.  Robert Carrillo  History and Prophets:  2 Kings, 6th and 5th century prophets.

Week 7.  John Oakes and Mark Wilkinson:  Post exile history and beginning of Wisdom Literature.

Week 8.  Mark Wilkinson.  Wisdom Literature and Psalms.

The cost for the entire class will be $20, mainly to cover light refreshements and coffee.

For more information or to register, contact Jan Oakes at joakes01@san.rr.com or at 858-505-8841.

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