Where can I find (if exists) a philosophically based break-down of the Christian world veiw? Having read Plato, Sartre, Macmurray, etc. Im interested in comparing directly these philosophies and world views with something other than my own convictions, which are more intimate and less universal.


By coincidence, I just taught a lesson on this topic both Wednesday and Thursday this week. If you go back to the web site and scroll a bit down the front page, you will find a series of classes on Christian Theology. You can download and listen to these lessons for free. (note for people reading this Q & A after 6/2011 the recordings of my class on Christian Theology/Christian World View are available in the EFC store. There is a button for this on the front page).

I am providing links below for notes for this class, which includes a nice little introduction on the Christian World View. Also, there is a series of essays on the topic at the web site. To make it easy, I will give a link below.  We have plenty more material on the Christian World View if you need it. In fact, we have an entire 10 hour class on the Christian World View taught by Dr. Robert Kurka. So, if you are really into this, we have plenty of stuff!!!  Let us know ( if you are interested in taking this class. There is information about our Apologetics Certificate Program on a button at the front page of our web site.

John Oakes

doc Notes: Christian Theology   doc Apologetics and the Christian World View

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