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Subject: RE: Da Vinci code book


Thanks my brother – another great resource is the one put out by John Oakes’
wife in the form of the newsletter from last month – I just finished the Da
Vinci code book last night, and it was fun to read! But the tone of the
supposed authorities was very strong about the supposed plot of the early
church to suppress the "truth" – I can see how doubts could easily spring
up. One of the most encouraging things John’s article did was to highlight
the real reason the book was a success – the great suspense and the ability
of the reader to feel like they were "in the know" (psuedoerudidtion) when they
read it. His own admission that it was well-written from a plot/fiction/characterization
point of view, and that he did not feel the
need to trash-talk it, sort of defused the looming threat of what the book
was purportedly trying to say about God, the church, and Jesus, at least in
my mind. When we can appreciate and find the good in even an erroneous work
such as this book, that really says a lot about how far we have come, as
long as we remain faithful to the truth. Wow – I think I’ll copy him so that
he knows what a help he is!

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Subject: Question(s) for Evidence for Christianity


I just read your response to the Da Vinci Code. I think it is very well written
– concise and clear. Thanks for taking the time to provide this!


San Diego, CA





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Subject: RE: an article on the Gospel of Judas and a thank-you



Got it this time.  I enjoyed very much your thoughtful discussion of the points
I mentioned, and the excellent article.  It is such a rare pleasure to find
someone who 1) takes issues like this seriously and 2) is not a flaming kook. 
I’d enjoy continuing the dialogue.  I’m a little pressed right now, but I think your piece
on the GJ is excellent.  I have a few minor suggestions to pass on, particularly
on the mystery religions, but I think you are weaving a strong and important
fabric there.



John Madden

Cerritos College

Norwalk, CA 




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