Dr. John Oakes and James Shults will be teaching a class on biblical books covering the period after the exile of Judah and Israel.  The theme of these books is returning to God, restoring our relationship with God and rebuilding our lives with God.  The books covered will include Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Ezra, Esther and Nehemiah.  The class will be held at the Mission Center of Hope 6162 Mission Gorge Road, Suite A, San Diego 92120 on six consecutive Saturdays from 9:00-10:30.  For more information or to register contact Jan Oakes at joakes01@san.rr.com.  The cost for the class is $20 for the entire series.   Outline is below.    Return Restore Rebuild PPT  Return Restore Rebuild notes     ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 1      ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 2    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 3  ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 4    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 5     ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 6    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 7    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 8    ReturnRestoreRebuild Audio 9

Return, Restore Rebuild  Post-exile Bible Books


Week 1
2 Chron 29, Intro   John
Parts of Ezra  James
Week 2
Haggai    John
Zechariah    John
Week 3
Zechariah cont. John
Esther   James
Rest of Ezra   James
Week 5
Nehemiah   can’t remember
Week 6 (if there is a week 6)
Malachi    John


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