Anger can also cause someone to hate another person. If someone murders someone we love most people would feel anger and hatred towards towards than person. According to the Bible hate is equivalent to murder. These feelings and emotions are due to instinct and the fact than humans have emotions, which we were born with. I dont understand how someone would go to hell for this normal reaction based on the fact we were born with these two things, emotion and instinct.


Anger is not necessarily sin. The Bible says, "In your anger, do not sin." (Eph 4:26). It is perfectly natural, normal and not necessarily even sinful to experience the emotion of anger. It depends on what we do with the anger we feel. However, hatred is a sin. Not only is it a sin, it will destroy the life of anyone who holds onto it. I suppose the one who hates can make the excuse that it is "natural." But then again, one can defend alcoholism, lying, stealing, murder, homosexuality, adultery, or sexual abuse as "natural" and due to instinct. God calls us to self-control and to live a righteous life, which will include controlling our sinful nature and our "natural" desire to do things which are destructive to ourselves and our relationship with God. God does this because he made us, he knows us, and he knows what is good for us–what will give us an abundant life. As for going to hell, God obviously does not want anyone to be separated from him for eternity. He gives us the choice if we want to love him and to have a relationship with him. If we choose to reject God–if we do not want a relationship with him, he accepts our choice.

John Oakes

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