Dr. John Oakes is teaching in the Philippines, first in Cebu.  In Manila he is teaching a fifteen hour Christian Apologetics class for APLA, the Asia Pacific Leadership Academy. These are the audios and power points.    Malachi Faith or Faithful Audio  Malachi Sermon PPT    Acts 20 Lesson    Acts Ch 20 PPT    Freedom in Christ   FreedominChrist PPT    APLA 1 Existence of God   APLA 2 Jesus evidence1  APLA 3 Jesus evidence2  APLA 4 Shadowtoreality  APLA 5 Reliability     APLA 6 Inspiration&inerrancy   APLA7 Archaeology   APLA8 Archaeology2   APLA9 Science   APLA10 Science2   APLA11 Worldview  APLA12 Worldview2   Daniel PPT    Be the Light PPT    APLA 13 Hard Questions   APLA 14 Hard Questions2   APLA 15 Daniel Prophecy

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