I will be posting many lessons from my current teaching trip.  All will be in English, but with translation into Russian, Japanese, or Mongolian.  Freedom in Christ Russian     FreedominChrist Russian ppt     Hebrews Russian 1   Hebrews Russian 2   Hebrews Russian 3     Hebrews Russian PPT  Christian World View Russian   Christian World View Russian PPT   From Shadow to Reality Russian   Shadow to Reality Russian PPT     God and Science/Existence of God Russian   Freedom in Christ Japanese   From Shadow to Reality Japanese   Hard Questions Japanese   Evidence Jesus Japan I    Evidence Jesus Japan II  Evidence Jesus Japan III  God and ScienceJapanese  Reliability of Bible Japanese    Bible from God or Man Mongolia     Freedom in Christ Mongolia   Church History I Mongolia (note; a large part of this lesson got cut off. Sorry)   Church History II Mongolia   Galatians: Living by law or by the Spirit Russian  Galatians Holy Spirit Russian PPT



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